Making Waves

A textured mid-bald fade is a go-to look for many black men, so put a cheeky spin on it with a design that mimics the waves within your cut. Instead o

High Top Fade 1

High Top Fade 1

Skin Fade Faux Hawk

For a line up haircut that isn't ordinary or basic, go for a faux hawk fade. Halfway between a taper and a temple fade, this hip style is an urban, mo

High Taper Fade 1

High Taper Fade 1

Black Men Mohawk Ha

Mohawk hairstyles for black men offer a cool yet tough look for guys searching to change up their style. Although most modern black men’s Mohaw

Mid Fade with Clean

When you get a shape up haircut, be sure to tell your barber how you usually wear your hair. If you like to part it on the side, that will affect how

Box Top Haircut wit

The box top and round high top hairstyles were a hit trend in the 90's, and they are making their way back on to the fashion scene! This is awesome fo

Dark and Dangerous

You don't need tattoos or an outrageous haircut to show off your dark side, sometimes a bit of pomade is all it takes. Channel your inner super villai

Heavy Gradient

A heavy gradient skin fade is essentially a type of haircut when the hair is allowed to gradually transition from very dark or thick to a slightly tap

Skin And Bald Fade

Skin, Bald Fade

Pompadour Fade with

This haircut is evidence that a line up can be cool to try. Sorry, he didn't #wakeuplikethis. This style requires some blow dryer love and some expert

Black Men Mohawk Ha

Mohawk hairstyles for black men offer a cool yet tough look for guys searching to change up their style. Although most modern black men's Mohawk hairc

Half And Half

No need to choose just one length or cut, when you can combine everything you want into one show-stopping style. With a slick side part on one side an

Triple Layer Fade

This triple layer fade is very dramatic but divinely handsome! The top of the head is kept very dark, the middle is kept low but visible and the nape

High Taper Fade

High Taper Fade

Magnificent Mohawk

Accent an afro-Mohawk with etched lines that highlight the curve of your skull. They will support the vibe of your overall look without distracting fr

Afro Taper Fade

Afro Taper Fade

Edgy and Elevated

A skin fade haircut is extremely popular, so if you crave individuality you have to do something to set yourself apart from the rest. Incorporating de

Comb Over Fade

Comb Over Fade

Smooth Low Fade

With a freshly done, line haircut, you might notice a little white line around the hair and the beard. Don’t worry, it'll go away! That's just

Afro Taper Fade 1

Afro Taper Fade 1

High Top Fade 2

High Top Fade 2

Sharp and Sexy

A bald fade haircut creates dimension and relief in a hairstyle with a lot of sharp angles and precise curvy lines typical for a Caesar cut. The faded

Retro Line Up

Edge up haircuts look solid in afros. This cut tapers low in the back and has a light fade around the temples. Combine that with some perfect edging a

Short Line Up Hairc

A shape up haircut (another common name for line up hair) is the opposite of messy. The sharp edges around the hairline and beard help to chisel facia

Long Undercut with

Undercuts come in all shapes and sizes. No really. They can be totally smooth on the bottom, or have a fade. They can be a little ragged and unkempt,

High Top Fade

The high top fade is an awesome choice for those who like to have a little extra length on top. It also works very well for those who want to grow mas

Professional Bald F

When looking for a more work-appropriate fade haircut, it is best to opt for a mid-bald fade because it is less aggressive and more polished. A fade t