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What is the purpose of internet, mobile phones, laptops, tablet, computer network and schools/educational sector still suffer when it comes to educational management? There are a lot of unpaid schools fees, missing results, unavailable records, improper and incorrect scores recoding to mention few. This is due to lack of information technology usage in some schools or failure to upgrade from old manual system of management. More details below on how to improve your school.
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The first and the most important thing to do in joining our growing web zone for people and brands is to register your interest or click here to join. This is where you will provide your membership details for approval and recognition on the moving train. Once this is completed successfully, then you can enjoy the benefit of allowing your brand get to your target and your needs surely will find you...

Portal-APP/Free School Website

This is a complete school management software solution for all educational sector. This school management software is for learning, administration and management activities in schools, colleges, universities, tuition centers or training centers. Our school management solution manages everything ranging from payment to account and exams to results etc, with it's free version for testing some of the solution advance features.
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Why EOS School Management Solution?

Besides the school management solution free version usage, it has more school features than any other school management system around today. It does not ends here, web page for school, automatic update as new feature launched.
Management any educational institute is not a piece of cake, managing students, staff, timetable, exams/test setup, fees collection, accounts etc. Parents are always worried about their child performance and they want satisfaction, they really care about their child academic statics. Moreover we have schools deploying huge registers to manage their students and staff academic records, also we'av seen those that manage admission, exams data, class tests data, payment and fee etc, manually. We belive it takes lot of time and very difficult to manage.
Cool! it's time to delete these worries, Study World offers an online school management software to make educational tasks much more easier. Just so you know, this is one stop solution to manage, save, retrieve and record everything within your school or organization.


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  • Akintolu Ganiyat

    - Teacher

    Our takeout just when through the roof because right now we could be receiving our students school fees payment from parents or guardians anywhere from around the World, instead of just through our local/commercial banks within the country.

  • Sanusi Azeez

    - IT Manager

    Our inbound leads have grown so dramatically from our website through Event On Style - EOS that we have hired a dedicated person that now only works on inbound leads. This was never the case before registering and listing our business on

  • Fashola David

    - Propietor

    Starting with zero background in information technology, we have been able to begin from scratch with our consultant Event On Style - EOS, and build a smooth and reliable academic reports system for school fees, payment, account, results and performance that we're truly pround of.

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