Event On Style - EOS is a web base platform for sales portals, schools portal, free school corporate website, online trading, business listing/directories, products and services advertisment etc. It is owned, developed, setup, registered and managed by: EOS & IT Planet with the aim of developing schools, businesses, products and services information technology wise, when it comes to more brands view(awearness), sales or requests etc. Our mission is to computerize schools system(account, fees, payment, debts, score, results & perfomance) and promote brands around the World.

Why Choose EOS

Sales & Business Directory

We help small businesses succeed and given a realistic web presence to create awareness for your brand globally and offering more customers.
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School Portals & Websites

EOS offers millions of school with corporate website and institution portal for managing: fees, account, payment, score and performance etc.
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Free Ads Promotion

Boosting and connecting millions of all kinds of brands, businesses, ceremonies and schools in Nigeria and around the World for free.
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Event On Style - Portals

With Event On Style Educational Portals, schools don't have to worry about unpaid fees, how payment will be receive from parents or guardians, account reports, result management and performance etc. This App will do everything that has to do with school activities and more as it can be customize to do more

More so, schools with active website can integrate the Portal in their site, while those who do not have any automatically will get a free school website platform. This will not only you web presence but also will promote your school.

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Event On Style - Listing & Business Directory

What is the purpose of internet and global network, while you still pay huge amount on adverts and your business still suffer? With EOS, you can list your brand and allow the World have access to your products and services for free, so you spend less on adverts also getting them to millions of interested prospects(clients).

On Event On Style, you will also get free sales portal for your products and services listed, to get more sales, manage prospects, contacts or clients etc. Posting of products and socialize with available items.

Pricing plans

Our Services

  • School Portal

    • EOS-Portals are available to any interested school, in managing educational activities such as: school fees, payment, expenses, result and reports(account and performance).

  • School Website

    • Schools in need of website can request one for free from Event On Style - EOS and get it setup within 24 hours or request. visit: www.eventonstyle.com/request for more.

  • CBT - Questions & Answers

    • CBT is a Computer Based Test, majorly for students. This is available for schooling usage in preparing students for exams or as entrance examination in the case of admission.

  • Biz Directory

    • List your business(es) and signed it among other businesses around the World. This is to help in promoting brands to geting more recognition in the global village.

  • Selling Portal

    • This feature is available to all listed branding, businesses, products and services, to getting sales, manage prospects, clients, contacts with inventory for recording etc.

  • Socialize Trading

    • Join Event On Style - EOS now/today and never experience dullness again with selling, buying, posting and promoting your brand(s) with easy while socializing of free.


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  • Akintolu Ganiyat

    - Teacher

    Our takeout just when through the roof because right now we could be receiving our students school fees payment from parents or guardians anywhere from around the World, instead of just through our local/commercial banks within the country.

  • Sanusi Azeez

    - IT Manager

    Our inbound leads have grown so dramatically from our website through Event On Style - EOS that we have hired a dedicated person that now only works on inbound leads. This was never the case before registering and listing our business on www.eventonstyle.com

  • Fashola David

    - Propietor

    Starting with zero background in information technology, we have been able to begin from scratch with our consultant Event On Style - EOS, and build a smooth and reliable academic reports system for school fees, payment, account, results and performance that we're truly pround of.

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